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Reasons To Use Washable Cloth Pads

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Have you heard of washable cloth pads and are thinking to use it? Say yes, as with this decision of yours, you will definitely add many benefits in your life and health. Plus the monthly periods will become free from the tension of leakage, or discomfort as well. Let us check out the benefits of using Washable Cloth Pads.

Reusable & Healthy - Washable Cloth Pad as the name signifies is a reusable pad. Since years, women were using cloths, and the same was replaced with cotton sanitary napkins. These napkins are made up of cotton, which itself is a toxic ingredient. It can result in various skin diseases and sometimes cancer as well. The ingredients used for cotton pads are also bleached with harmful components making it more dangerous. These are some of the reasons making washable cloth pads a safe option over regular pads.

Affordable – One should not think about money with respect to health, but at the same time, there is no point of spending extra as well. These pads are made of good quality fabric, which is strong. Also, it is reusable, which means there is no need to get involved in hectic expenditure on pads every month. The total lifespan of the pads can be said years. So, after investing on these pads, you can stay free from any tension and will add more in your monthly pocket money too.

Easy To Clean - Washable Cloth Pads might make your scare with an additional task. Here we are talking about the cleanliness factor. So, don't get conscious as the cleaning part is straightforward. The process does not require overnight soaking or constant rubbing too. Plus there will be no problems like discomfort or leakage.

Environment Friendly – Do you know every year, more than twenty billion of used sanitary napkins etc. are discarded all over the world. This leftover has covered a vast amount of planet, resulting in utter damage to the same. While washable cloth pads will save the environment as it will be discarded after years and will not affect the environment as well. A considerable difference can be visible with the adoption of washable cloth pads for sure in the atmosphere.

Start using Washable Cloth Pads from now and throw all your worries out of the window. Book these pads at a pocket friendly price by reaching us at and ask your doubts too.

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