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How To Use Tampax Menstural Cup

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Tampex is a reputed brand when it comes to menstrual cups. These cups are designed with best of efforts with respect to design, quality, and capability. But before starting the use of Tampax Cup, there are a particular set of instructions that needs to be followed. Check the details below How To Use Tampax Menstural Cup help yourself during your period days.

  • Clean The Cup First – Before using Tampax Cup, you must get it cleaned. Here the concept is to make sure there are no unwanted bacteria or germs inside the cup. The cups are packed with perfection, but it always better to stay extra assured with the product as it is going to remain inside the body for long. For this, you can simply use running water or if you want to boil then also its a good idea. For this, do check the manual.
  • Take The Position – Holding the right position is very important, or else the cup will not stay at the right place or will not perform its given task. The comfortable position here s to stand straight and keep one leg on something. Here your motto should be on providing some space to vagina so inserting the Tampax Cup will be easy.
  • Insert The Tampax Cup - Now you are ready to insert the cup. As you are standing on the said position, now take the cup in your hand and hold it in C position. The reason to do is to reduce the size of the cup. It will help in the easy insertion of the cup. Once the required shape of the cup as mentioned in the manual is done, slowly insert into your vagina. Do not force the cup, and try to be gentle.
  • Check The Cup - After the cup has reached to the point, you will get a feeling. Here you must check the cup’s position. This way, you will get a confirmation about the position of the cup. Along with this, the blood flow will also reach to the required place. It will also prevent leakage and discomfort, as well.

There are certain other things that need to be checked in the meantime. Though the cup is meant to be used for twelve hours but during heavy flow days, it would be a good idea to remove, clean the cup and reinsert it as well. If you are interested in buying Tampax Menstural Cup, then connect with us at for more details.

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